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The further north

Not news: Scandinavians are cool. The existence of Hel Looks is equally non-news, but when I dream of being careless and badass and practical I look to the Finns. These are people who dress impeccably despite the fact that, for about half the year, they… Read More

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I hear it’s calling

This story has two beginnings. In one, I travel, alone, to London, having finished high school a couple of months earlier. I remember, before I left, I was talking to someone about our Plans for Next Year (capitalised, oh yes) and he said, “Ah yes,… Read More

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These first posts are always so awkward. I admire bloggers who actually have content before they start writing, but I always worry that as soon as I think of the name I want somebody else will snap it up. Unendingly silly — you don't have… Read More