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These first posts are always so awkward. I admire bloggers who actually have content before they start writing, but I always worry that as soon as I think of the name I want somebody else will snap it up. Unendingly silly — you don't have to remind me.

I'll tell you why the blog is named Salzig. Salzig is German for salty, and, more importantly, it's the first German adjective I learnt. This wasn't a long time ago, actually, and my Deutsch has since progressed from solitary words to sentences of astounding depth like Die Katzen trinken die Milch. (It means exactly what it sounds like.) Salzig is a beginning.

I've blogged before. (It fizzled.) (They fizzled.) This mightn't be any different. And I mightn't ever be fluent in German. (My six years of Japanese, incidentally, went the way of my former blogs.) So salzig represents hopes and possibility, and trying again. Always trying again.



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