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The further north

Not news: Scandinavians are cool.

The existence of Hel Looks is equally non-news, but when I dream of being careless and badass and practical I look to the Finns. These are people who dress impeccably despite the fact that, for about half the year, they can't even see each other in the dark.



What is it that enables Scandinavians to pull off runners with proper outfits, anyway?

The street style blogs of English-speaking counties are all well and good, but there seems to me something so homogenous about them; in a sort of “My top is from Urban Outfitters, don't remember the label of my shorts, my scarf is thrifted, my shoes are Nike” way. Most of the explanations on Hel Looks go along the lines of “I found this in a drawer/at the bottom of a charity bucket/in Africa and I cut it up and dyed it and threw it in a river, my scarf is Marimekko”. Damn that's cool.



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