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The dam breaks

I've been saving for my trip like a woman possessed the past few months. Mostly it's all tucked away in a San Pelligrino's can where I can't get at it but, dangerously, some was lingering in my bank account. I could justify it, I guess, with lots of self-pity to the tune of I never have nice things, but really. I bought a pretty dress on a whim and I'm not sorry.

This is the conniving face of the deed:

But look at the beading, and that pom pom detail that never fails to weaken me at the knees. All this gorgeousness comes from Monsoon; the earrings a wicked daughter “borrowed” from her mother.

Right at the end I realised I matched my tinsel and, in the spirit of festive absurdity, gave my best New Look haughtiness.

The neck piece is from PoundSavers and was branded as “luxury tinsel” because it cost £1.99 instead of £0.99.



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