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Evolution of a Tourist

Ears: Hannah Zakari; top: Uniqlo; bottom: American Apparel.

Plus: Uniqlo.

Plus: old friend from P.C.

Plus: another old friend. What can you do?

Salzig: the Tourist Years, or possibly Salzig: the Images Will Look Weird if I Crop Out All Those Door Hinges but My Goodness Years.

I'm in London!

Somehow, despite an embarrassing number of suitcases, an overnight bus ride, an incident in which I said a terrible word in the immediate presence of many, many children and an attempt at crafting sandals out of elastic bands, I did it. All I have left from Scotland are some alarmingly beautiful earrings and whatever the opposite of a tan is called. For the next few weeks it's going to be all drowning out the sound of my father's snoring, miscellaneous festivities, very bad Spanish, lots of the suspicious squint featured in that first picture and hereand essentially the same outfit every day. Only occasionally the pullover is dove grey instead of charcoal.



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