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London: Still Lovely

Part two: more V&A action, which I arguably could have included in the last post, but didn’t.

They know how to light a building in these parts and this is a particularly stunning example.

Back in the day (March) when I moved to London, I discovered a bus route from my station that wound through Hampstead. This, the 210, I can’t recommend enough. Anyway, whenever I rode it I would pass the Spaniards Inn and think to myself: yes, I’m taking my parents here at Christmas. Such a surreal thing to finally cross that threshold, then.

There’s a reasonable chance it’s too quaint for its own good.

Our last stop was scheduled to be the Duke of Wellington’s house but, in a classic always-Google-it moment the place turned out to be closed for refurbishments. Fortunately the day was saved by a Uniqlo being round the corner.

The final day in London, if you can call it that, began at half four and never saw the light of day. We ended at St. Pancras, where there were some big Christmas trees and a man with a hawk.

London: surprising to the end.



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