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Trois loups

First, Le Loup's Morning Song. That it can be so delicate and so powerful, and magical, but still damned catchy is surely a feat. The fact that I've had it on repeat for four years must mean something.

Second, Le loup de Wall Street. I can't understand why, but movie posters in foreign languages are one of my favourite little things about travel. Maybe it's something to do with how they underline the fact that you're in a different country by looking so similiar, but sounding so different. (Nothing, as yet, will beat Verschrikkelijke ikke (Despicable Me); oh, Dutch.)

Third, not so much le loup as the loop. It's no secret that travel throws you out of things and into things; regrettably, the wonderful things I find before my feet make relatively bland blogging material. I worry that, as seasonal opportunities for fluffy posts (and I thank god that my birthday, Christmas and NYE all fall together) dry up, things will be a bit self-same and sporadic. I hope my travels are entertaining-ish, but I do want to assure you that regular programming will return shortly. I'll try to throw in anything else that I can, but with unpredictable Wifi and an unfamiliar city outside it's so hard to sit still.*

But enough reflection! Here's for you a bonus loup: Eugène Grasset's Trois femmes et trois loups.

*It's a strange fact that, despite my best attempts, I couldn't keep this paragraph out of italics. Blogsy is convenient but there are times…


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