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Marie Šechtlová

If you were creatively minded in socialist Czechoslovakia, the 60s were pretty much the time to get it out of your system. The New Wave swam along, charming with flowers in its hair and the rest, and everyone got tired of the Man (the 60s… Read More

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Such a beautiful horizon

So Freddie Mercury says; and I can't disagree. Oh, Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona. What is it about this city? It feels warm under your fingers — not because of the weather, but more like it's some hot-blooded creature, alive and vibrant and beautiful. Maybe because it… Read More

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Day tripper

What I’m saying is that if you have to enrol in person, in this day and age, a girl has to wonder what the hell is going on. I always try and be good, and not get too opinionated (yes, this is me actively trying)… Read More

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Romantisches rendezvous

For a while I wondered what made two of my favourite films similiar. One in Paris, one in Berlin; beautiful Continental cities, then. A young woman and a young man who reject the reality presented to them and create something parallel and better. A moment… Read More

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Cool change

And then life was slow, and the cargo ships passed the window; the heat came, and it went, and for a while I wore my mother's shoes. For two days I didn't leave the house, not out of emotion but the 45 degree weather. In… Read More

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Long shot

Back to Melbourne, back to variety. Those vaycay posts are far from over but, like Vegemite on toast and sunscreen on skin, I'll spread them out. So. Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections series dates from 2009 but, while I'm five years late to the party, there's… Read More

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Colmar is a postcard place

To be truthful, I feel a little bad for Colmar. It’s a daytrip from Strasbourg and is mercilessly pigeonholed as pretty-pretty-pretty. Everywhere you step on crouched photographers. You can Google it and see hundreds of lovelinesses; so here I present my Colmar (food and oddities… Read More