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Romantisches rendezvous

For a while I wondered what made two of my favourite films similiar. One in Paris, one in Berlin; beautiful Continental cities, then. A young woman and a young man who reject the reality presented to them and create something parallel and better. A moment of extreme emotion (misery and triumph) over irrelevant food items (yeast and Spreewald gherkins). And as charming as all of those are, they aren't it. The link is named Yann Tiersen and he is very talented.

The only time I've ever heard someone say, “But you really must listen to the score first, then watch the film” is for this pair; not read the book, not see X by the director or with the actor, not go to the city — listen to the score.

The depth and beauty of songs named for seasons ending and new currencies is more than I can express. Perhaps the point of a blog is to sit you down and have you read what someone has to say — but in this case, you need to stop here and listen. Just listen.



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