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Day tripper

What I’m saying is that if you have to enrol in person, in this day and age, a girl has to wonder what the hell is going on. I always try and be good, and not get too opinionated (yes, this is me actively trying) but I swear to god if the Coalition cuts over $2billion from university funding like they want to, someone will be receiving a strongly worded letter.

Deep breath.

Admittedly, it’s an unusual thing in Australia to leave your city for study. We don’t really have uni towns and, in honesty, most cities have five or six options. But I got it into my head that I should study in Sydney and I guess that was it. Really, I should be looking at this in-person enrollment thing positively because it meant I got to spend a day up north and snoop, which of course is my favourite hobby.

Like this, the neighbourhood around the thing. This house on the corner is one of the most Australianish buildings I have ever seen. The rain on that tin roof would be exceptional and, as everybody knows, that quality of that sound is the only way to judge a house down here.

Oh yes, and allegedly Sydney is tropical. Frangipanis everywhere and humidity through the roof.

Enrolment was relatively stress-free, but since I’d been up since four and don’t deal with humidity, um, well, I was a little mean to some Marxists and got very upset at the amount of egg I found in my wrap. But it was okay because I had a high caffeine, high taurine, high sugar bev and then moved on to Circuiar Quay to do that thing you have to do.


More potentially life-threatening drinks. There are people who say they can survive summer without this fluorescent, sugary slush but they are liars.


And then the hours disappeared. I don’t know how. Wandering does that, I suppose, but in acquainting myself with the Sydney CBD I began to resent the humidity and the Marxists and that damn egg wrap less and less.

I found the nail polish good dreams are made of. Thanks, Sydney!


And then it was over. For now, at least; until the Somethingth of February.









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