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This apparent hiatus has really come out of the blue and I’m not thrilled by it. Moving has been intense and a distinct lack of wifi has made keeping up impossible — excuses, excuses, but I’m still very much in the settling-in sort of mode.… Read More

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81 Days

  Introspection warning! Oh dear. Well! I’ve been blogging for long enough now to have sort of kind of broken a little bit of ice, and it’s time to have a think about what I’m doing here. It’s been a pretty sharp learning curve, and… Read More

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13 Geese

Barcelona is an old, old city, the kind of place where they find other ruins buried under ruins. Residents seem to delight in the layers of their city, Roman excavations, sacrifices to the civil war, the rest of it. Look at everything we’ve done, everything… Read More

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Many peculiar daydreams

The lure of an artist who (in her own words) “lives and works among giant fir trees” is too strong for this humble heart. Introducing Emily Winfield Martin, who really needs no introduction. She’s been everywhere lately — the Jealous Curator and frankie spring to mind — and thank god,… Read More

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Lately 01

Hey, I’m back. You’re back? Yeah. Since when? Not long. Catch up? Coffee? Coffee. See you, then: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday/soon. I’ve been here a little more than a fortnight. It doesn’t really feel like a fortnight — then again, it doesn’t not feel like a fortnight. You… Read More

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And Roses

Barcelona & Roses & Cadaqués & Figueres & Lagrasse & Saint-Émilion & La Rochelle & Carnac & Nantes. We got a car from Barcelona to round out the trip. I’ll always be devoted to train travel — the strange, empty stations, through dust and the… Read More

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Twelfth Night

I'm 229 months old. Don't worry, I'm not going to get all hep up every time the 5th rolls around. I just figured I'd hold onto my birthday photos for a moment — January had waxed a little too long by the time I got… Read More

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Like a jewel in the sun

And if Freddie can go on, so will I! Mostly about the food. They're not the greatest photos but I was, um, too busy eating. Having a (tiny) slice of 265€/kg ham was an event. The thing is, looking back through my pictures, there isn't… Read More