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81 Days

Introspection warning! Oh dear.

Well! I’ve been blogging for long enough now to have sort of kind of broken a little bit of ice, and it’s time to have a think about what I’m doing here. It’s been a pretty sharp learning curve, and up until now (oops) I’m proud that I’ve maintained a post every second day. I’d like to keep that up. I think it’s a good rhythm. What I need to address is my content. 

Some things feel like they’re working and some don’t. I like recording my life here — even styling it, to a degree — and presenting a sort of visual diary for you to endure. I want to expand on that — worry less about getting my camera out in public, oh gosh! Other things, though, haven’t felt as natural and good to write. I guess I’ll phase them out. No, what I’m really getting at is that I want to share my interests and personality a little more — the scary thing there is taking another step towards The Niche. I suppose, if I want this blog to go anywhere, The Niche is essential, but at the same time I realise it includes with one arm and excludes with the other. But everyone likes movies, right? That’s all I really care about, you know, although I might even sneak some history in — the funny bits, I mean. 

What I’d adore, if you don’t mind too terribly, would be for you to keep an eye on your inexperienced author. Be kind but be honest — I know that once I get excited about a topic I obsess and stew and alarm those around me with the intensity of it all. (You’re lucky you missed that phase a few years back where I was really into Weezer.) (Like, really really.) If The Niche is to niche-y, you’d tell me, right? I knew I could trust you.

And so on, and on, growing pains and figuring it out and getting excited for what’s to come.


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