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Where you’d rather be says a lot about where you are. When things are achingly still you dream of cities with taxis and steam issuing from manholes; if you’re exhausted it’s white sand and blue water. At the moment — and I suppose I should… Read More

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17 times sweeter

  In 2009 I saw a poster taped to a lamppost. It was this striking view of a man’s head, just the lines of it, in a purple sea. I saw it again, different faces, different colours, and I wrote down the name of the… Read More

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Settled, petal

  All of a sudden I’ve found myself settled. I can’t get to sleep without the sound of cars passing underneath my window, and the supermarket’s stopped seeming overpriced. I know to leave the curtains shut but the windows open during the hottest part of… Read More

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My room faces the canal

  I’m cultivating a love of movie soundtracks. There are the unbeatable two, always and forever, but Carter Burwell’s work on In Bruges comes a stunning second. I think it must have something to do with the film. The music is irrationally beautiful but I’m beginning… Read More

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Play Tourist: Watsons Bay

Early autumn holds just the best and nicest weather: warm enough to be bearable and usually breezy, enough sun to make you feel healthy and good. It’s the kind of thing you spend all summer grasping at and finally receive en masse, as if somebody… Read More

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Opposite the cinema

I like my room. Now that I’ve figured out how to keep the fern alive it’s becoming a good kind of place (in spite of the lemon-yellow walls), to the point where I found it cosy enough to photograph. It feels like every new place… Read More

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En route/Lac de Genève

                    Hard seats and a dusty train; the English family with the Harry Potter books and the man who chewed so loudly. The expression on the conductor’s face. And we ate Swiss chocolate — in Switzerland,… Read More

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Hyde Parkish

That’s a thing I love about my corner of the world: relentless and shameless name-plagiarsm. You can’t blame the early settlers/invaders for their homesickness but they were really grasping at straws — this place looks nothing like South Wales. In the same way, a Hyde… Read More