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It snowed twice. By the end of autumn we would stand around the hot cabinets at work and warm our hands, and my co-workers (Polish, jaded) would insist on sleet and hail. They said that when it did come — in January at least —… Read More

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Lately 02

Attempts to fathom what is happening.  Attendance at a protest march — the politically active student indeed. I won’t drag you down with the various evils of this government (which I admit, compared a vast majority of the world, are pretty tame) but I’m taking… Read More

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O walls

Mountains in the city (car fumes for clear air) thanks to Fine Little Day.   Nighttime always, express from the beautiful mind of Becca Stadtlander. Caitlin Shearer’s moody girls — or her moody anybody. Klimt forever. Sparkle, sparkle, Amber Ibarreche.