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Let’s talk about Le Week-end

Le Week-end holds the record: I’ve seen it five times at the cinema. For once Australia’s absurdly delayed releases were a blessing and I managed to split my viewings between late last year and late last month. It’s fair to wonder what the attraction could… Read More

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Another autumn

I’ve been heavenly lucky and to have back-to-back autumns. Autumn #2 is passing quickly under the weight of uni — that is, under the weight of actually having something to do — but Autumn #1 stretched out and lasted gloriously; and it was cold. Scotland… Read More

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Scratched record

Granted, there’s a decent risk I’m just going to spend all my time here telling you about film soundtracks. I thought Carter Burwell’s score for In Bruges would never be topped, or even equalled, but hot and holy damn. It’s a lot of Owen Pallett and a… Read More

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Vow of silence

Pull enough money together, somehow, someday, and rent a cottage in the forest. Spend two weeks: take a first aid kit and a big bag of lentils and a stack of books the height of me. No clocks, no phones, no internet, no noise. Sort… Read More

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Things have been quiet, I know. I keep waiting for life to settle down and to do what I tell it, but I’m starting to realise that that isn’t going to happen. I’m faced with a choice that keeps me awake, sometimes: Sydney or Melbourne?… Read More