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Scratched record

Granted, there’s a decent risk I’m just going to spend all my time here telling you about film soundtracks. I thought Carter Burwell’s score for In Bruges would never be topped, or even equalled, but hot and holy damn. It’s a lot of Owen Pallett and a lot of Arcade Fire and just enough Karen O. I want to have it playing always. I think life would be really manageable that way.

So: if I were you I’d listen to it all; if I were you in a hurry I’d skip ahead to the 8-minute mark. 

(PS: YouTube’s been scrubbed of copyright infringements but there’s a playlist of the songs individually here.)



  1. Oh, how I love In Bruges. I just want the entire world to watch it immediately.
    I still haven’t seen Her, but this soundtrack sounds very promising indeed!
    Have a good one!

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