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Another autumn


I’ve been heavenly lucky and to have back-to-back autumns. Autumn #2 is passing quickly under the weight of uni — that is, under the weight of actually having something to do — but Autumn #1 stretched out and lasted gloriously; and it was cold. Scotland delivers.

Sometime in the middle I had a visitor from my gap year muse, a beautiful and excellent human being. We met in London by her walking past the kiosk where I worked and recognising my voice from the one time we met at a mutual friend’s party — in Melbourne, months earlier. The weight of coincidence is so staggering that it affirmed my belief in something spooky and beyond our understanding — but that’s another story. I’m talking about a long weekend we took in Glasgow to see the Cat Empire and Flap!. Glasgow’s a pretty cool little city; rough around the ages but with a great heart. Also it has the tallest cinema in the world so, really, it had me at hello.

Digging through the archives I found these, and also realised (too late!) that I didn’t manage to get any half-decent pictures of the two of us. But the memories are good: we treated ourselves to shopping at Waitrose (the snobby supermarket), visited heritage buildings, went to creepy markets, drank hot chocolates, laughed at postcards, ate risotto and lived well. Also, we stayed around the corner from this magical Victorian conservatory. 








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