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A hundred kinds of nostalgia


Poor Sydney; poor International and Global Studies. Bluntly: I’m moving back to Melbourne and transferring into an Arts degree for a lovely, untainted schedule of history (+German, +Film Studies, +etc). It means moving back in with my parents after 18 months out of home, but most importantly it’s moving back to a city where I know I thrive. I can wait out my undergrad years, get the piece of paper and move on (probably to Bath — I’d like to study museums in a living museum). I can not pay rent and hang out with my dog and take cheap flights to Hobart. Who knows, I might actually get a life.

I have a month off over winter and I really can’t bear to wait. Current plans: coffee, scarves, the lucky Swedish coin in my coat pocket, berets, rabbit meatballs, braids, Russian folk tales and learning dates. 

See you in winter!


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