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Growing up in Melbourne’s western suburbs meant that a) people thought I was part of a gang, and b) travelling to the other side of the bay for high school was pretty much a given.* As much as I regret the 180-minute daily round trip,… Read More

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Rushes: Paris

Paris intimidated me. More than anything else, it was expensive. My hostel (conveniently located in the middle of nowhere) was costing the earth and I was paralysed with fear at the thought of paying so much for strawberries. In the end I did discover 1€… Read More

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Traditional weekend pt II

Exhausted after Saturday but managed to get up at the promise of cute dogs. Here’s the morning face with an attractive inclusion of the air conditioner. (Can add ‘an air conditioner is in the background of a wintertime portrait’ to the list of You Know… Read More

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Rushes: Stockholm

I hated my job and London was still so cold and foggy, even in May. Stockholm turned out to be near tropical, which isn’t why I chose it but was a pleasant surprise. It was complicated, to me, to try and cope with pine trees… Read More

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Traditional weekend pt I

If you’ve been away for a while, returning to all the things you used to do is so exciting and fresh. It’s like breathing new life into old memories. The weekend in Melbourne was grey and rainy and abruptly, blindingly bright. More importantly it was… Read More

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It’s been a year since I backpacked around Europe now. Maybe it’s the fact that I just moved, maybe it’s that everyone I ever added on Facebook seems to be in Paris or Barcelona or Berlin — whatever it is, nostalgia is getting to me.… Read More

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Last days in

The nice thing about saying goodbye is that you finally see everything you’d been meaning to with everyone you’d been meaning to. My last week in Sydney was relaxed for such a hectic time; mostly just good cafés with good people. The best was probably… Read More