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Last days in

The nice thing about saying goodbye is that you finally see everything you’d been meaning to with everyone you’d been meaning to. My last week in Sydney was relaxed for such a hectic time; mostly just good cafés with good people. The best was probably Cornersmith, which everyone in Sydney has been, or has been meaning to go, to. They make their own honey on the premises. I thought this might have been a workplace health and safety issue but maybe they have bee suits.

Had a cute day with M and T around Marrickville, looking around fabric stores and op shops. Scored a collection of Gibson sketches which made up for a total lack of my favourite cheap 70s Agatha Christie paperbacks.


Vargabar, who make pesto fetta scrambled eggs to convert vegans and was a only heavenly minute away by foot.

I’m really going to miss living in Newtown. Of course there were downsides (the busker who only knew I Love You Baby, the busker with the penny whistle, etc), but it was so convenient. Maybe it’s a blessing and a curse to have everything within walking distance — it makes it difficult to get motivated to go anywhere else. I’ll sure miss walking to uni, though. 


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