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Rushes: Stockholm

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

I hated my job and London was still so cold and foggy, even in May. Stockholm turned out to be near tropical, which isn’t why I chose it but was a pleasant surprise. It was complicated, to me, to try and cope with pine trees and humidity at the same time. I lived off icy-poles (which were cheap) and Thai food (which was not, but was excellent). One night some Russians fed a bottle of honey vodka to a quiet boy from Malmö and he watched nearly half of Borat without headphones at 3 in the morning. It was high school graduation and students drove through the streets in buses blaring ABBA. One day, I caught the ferry to Vaxholm to buy gifts that I ended up keeping and to sit in the sun. Upon reflection I did very little in Stockholm but I had a wonderful time of it.

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

Nostalgia (summer 2013)


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