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Traditional weekend pt II


Exhausted after Saturday but managed to get up at the promise of cute dogs. Here’s the morning face with an attractive inclusion of the air conditioner. (Can add ‘an air conditioner is in the background of a wintertime portrait’ to the list of You Know You’re in Australia Whens.)


And to the other side of the city for the market. It’s a pretty strange mix of teenage wardrobe clear-outs, antique furniture and pirated DVDs. No luck (again! cursed!) but I did manage to see a bunch of caramel spaniels, patient golden retrievers and a German shepherd legitimately named Rex. Busker boy-bands covered songs from the Aristocats. I had a hot-dog. It was a good morning.


And this woman with absolutely the best jacket going.


On to my first crafty session with DIY miracle-gal M. I’m not a crafty type at all but an afternoon spent next to a log fire forming tiny, steep-roofed houses and golden stars is too dreamy. 


If you’d like to make a little home you can find instructions here. Let me know if you do one — they’re so intricate and impressive! We moved on to stars and J arrived to lend a hand and drink kettles of milky tea. We had a pretty efficient assembly line in the end.


M’s house in the sun — I love this place, there are flowers and stacks of books and chairs big enough to curl up and sleep in. It’s a real homey kind of home; absolutely the perfect tea-drinking afternoon sort of place. 



It grew dark; we kept on. The stars became a mobile and also a sort of crown that fell over one eye when you put it on. And I used a stanley knife all afternoon (crafternoon) and didn’t even cut myself. 



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