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When the stars threw down their spears

Probably irrelevant but I love it when autumn and spring collide in the middle of winter. The cherry blossoms are coming out, too; I always worry that they’ll peak too early but they manage themselves so well.

I have more teenage nostalgia to tell you about but this time it’s really more incidental. I haven’t been to the NGV in years (a terrible thing to admit) but there’s no missing that slab of a building and its stunning, dubious waterwall. As children (and older) we were never really confident about that water but we ran our hands through it anyway.

The gallery is hosting an exhibition of William Blake’s watercolours and etchings; I studied Blake in my final year at high school, so to see work he’d done, to be inches away from paper that he’d worked on, to be separated only by time from a man I admire so much — it was thrilling!

The exhibition was small but beautifully curated. Blake was a fascinating thinker; deeply religious but also extremely progressive. His views on industrialisation are as valid today as they were back then and he expressed them so stunningly. If you’re interested in his work my favourite poem is the Tyger; it’s brutal and beautiful and reminds me of looking at stars through a canopy of trees.

The loveliest thing about the gallery is its enormous stained glass roof. No-one minds if you go and lie down on floor beneath it. It’s so relaxed for a state gallery (which is maybe why a Picasso got stolen that one time).

After an accidental nap I went back to the Nicholas Building for some earrings. I can justify it by saying I’ve supported classic and contemporary artists but let’s be real: I just want pretty things.

I’ve been spending muuuuuch too much since moving back in with my parents. I have such mixed feelings, but for the moment it’s almost a relief to not think about life after the next paycheck. I’ve been doing some admin for a local real estate agency — not especially glamourous but so much better than pies or sweets or hotdogs. Last week some happy vendor gave us a big box of red velvet cupcakes and there are caramels at reception.

Fine decorations from Limedrop (support your local!). When I swing my head they rattle against my cheeks and it’s so lovely.


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  1. That would be glorious – to see elements of autumn and spring at the same time. Aside from snow often being a common element of both here, I can’t say as though I’ve seen that on Canadian soil.

    What beautiful, serene images these are. The colours in those bold stained glass windows are memorizing – like an overhead kaleidoscope.

    ♥ Jessica

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