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Rushes: Bruges

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

I never had a choice about liking Bruges because I’m too big a fan of the film. Fortunately it was lovely anyway, everything it was supposed to be and packed with the best goddamn fries you’ll meet. I was there an hour and dreaming of taking a house on a canal for a year to do… something. It didn’t really matter what because Bruges was too lovely. I snuck out at night after the day-trippers had left and Zara had closed and it was a fairytale. One day, I took the train to Antwerp to visit a friend; ate fries there as well. It’s converted me to mayonnaise. Actually, from memory, my goal was to eat nothing but fries and chocolate in Belgium and I think I was successful. 

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

Nostalgia (summer 2013)

(The selfie game did not improve over the course of the summer.)

Nostalgia (summer 2013)


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