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Let’s talk about Le Week-end

Le Week-end holds the record: I’ve seen it five times at the cinema. For once Australia’s absurdly delayed releases were a blessing and I managed to split my viewings between late last year and late last month. It’s fair to wonder what the attraction could… Read More

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Scratched record

Granted, there’s a decent risk I’m just going to spend all my time here telling you about film soundtracks. I thought Carter Burwell’s score for In Bruges would never be topped, or even equalled, but hot and holy damn. It’s a lot of Owen Pallett and a… Read More

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O walls

Mountains in the city (car fumes for clear air) thanks to Fine Little Day.   Nighttime always, express from the beautiful mind of Becca Stadtlander. Caitlin Shearer’s moody girls — or her moody anybody. Klimt forever. Sparkle, sparkle, Amber Ibarreche.

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17 times sweeter

  In 2009 I saw a poster taped to a lamppost. It was this striking view of a man’s head, just the lines of it, in a purple sea. I saw it again, different faces, different colours, and I wrote down the name of the… Read More

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My room faces the canal

  I’m cultivating a love of movie soundtracks. There are the unbeatable two, always and forever, but Carter Burwell’s work on In Bruges comes a stunning second. I think it must have something to do with the film. The music is irrationally beautiful but I’m beginning… Read More

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Many peculiar daydreams

The lure of an artist who (in her own words) “lives and works among giant fir trees” is too strong for this humble heart. Introducing Emily Winfield Martin, who really needs no introduction. She’s been everywhere lately — the Jealous Curator and frankie spring to mind — and thank god,… Read More

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Marie Šechtlová

If you were creatively minded in socialist Czechoslovakia, the 60s were pretty much the time to get it out of your system. The New Wave swam along, charming with flowers in its hair and the rest, and everyone got tired of the Man (the 60s… Read More

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Romantisches rendezvous

For a while I wondered what made two of my favourite films similiar. One in Paris, one in Berlin; beautiful Continental cities, then. A young woman and a young man who reject the reality presented to them and create something parallel and better. A moment… Read More