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I promise I’ll spare you the dreary analysis of why I’m going on hiatus but I feel I ought to tell you that I’ll be coming back, with more Rushes and some content aside from that. I don’t know when but I’ll be working hard… Read More

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A hundred kinds of nostalgia

Poor Sydney; poor International and Global Studies. Bluntly: I’m moving back to Melbourne and transferring into an Arts degree for a lovely, untainted schedule of history (+German, +Film Studies, +etc). It means moving back in with my parents after 18 months out of home, but… Read More

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Settled, petal

  All of a sudden I’ve found myself settled. I can’t get to sleep without the sound of cars passing underneath my window, and the supermarket’s stopped seeming overpriced. I know to leave the curtains shut but the windows open during the hottest part of… Read More

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This apparent hiatus has really come out of the blue and I’m not thrilled by it. Moving has been intense and a distinct lack of wifi has made keeping up impossible — excuses, excuses, but I’m still very much in the settling-in sort of mode.… Read More

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81 Days

  Introspection warning! Oh dear. Well! I’ve been blogging for long enough now to have sort of kind of broken a little bit of ice, and it’s time to have a think about what I’m doing here. It’s been a pretty sharp learning curve, and… Read More

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Trois loups

First, Le Loup's Morning Song. That it can be so delicate and so powerful, and magical, but still damned catchy is surely a feat. The fact that I've had it on repeat for four years must mean something. Second, Le loup de Wall Street. I… Read More